The Brand Wake Up

Eye opening, Energizing, Nutrient-packed

Your brand is an essential part of your company. When it’s wide awake, it will attract your ideal customers and energize your business so it can rise and shine. Through a Brand Wake Up, we can help you understand where you are in the marketplace – and how to position yourself and move forward.

After a Brand Wake Up, you’ll emerge with:

  • A recipe for connection that’s uniquely yours.
  • Clarity, focus, and direction.
  • Knowledge about how to position your company in the market.
  • A Mojo Action Plan: the roadmap for your future.
  • A strengthened fabric of your brand.
  • Team unity.

Is a Brand Wake Up right for you?

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The Brand Wake Up is fresh-squeezed OJ for your business!

It’s invigorating – and it happens fast. For existing companies and startups, this comprehensive, team-building two days will result in clarity and direction.

Who’s it for:
Existing companies and startups.

Over just two half days (3-4 hours each) of enlightening discoveries. Two weeks later, you’ll receive your Mojo Action Plan recommendations.

Collectively, you and your team have the answers. We mine them.

For two, eye-opening half days, we’ll get everybody in one room for a fun, deep-diving, invigorating exploration. Here’s an overview of the Brand Wake Up:

Day One

Defining your brand & your ideal customers.

Through a deep-diving, insightful and fun work session which involves everybody in your organization, we will define your brand (who you are), define your ideal customer (who they are), so we have a vivid, authentic foundation for your marketing. Consider this: If we asked you, “How would your customers describe you?” with three minutes, what would we uncover?

Day Two

Curiosity results in clarity that will connect your top goals to customers’s top needs.

Via teamwork, transparency, and brainstorming, we look deeply at revenue (how do you make money?), awareness (how do they find you?), and efficiencies (how are things going working internally?) to define your short, medium, and long term goals. We’ll figure out what’s desirable and achievable – then we’ll rank them accordingly into an actionable plan that you’ll agree upon as a team and feel excited about moving forward.

Mojo Action Plan – delivered.
Next steps – defined.

Two weeks later, you’ll have a report of everything we discussed, plus additional research, and a Mojo  Action plan on how to move your brand forward. The Mojo Action plan will give you clarity and perspective on where to focus your efforts. You can take this plan and run, using your in-house creative team, or we are here to help you bring your next steps to life!

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in a short time, a proprietary process, and the insightful minds within your business.

There will be laughter. It will be energizing and team-building. And there are only 3 rules: 1) everybody has to participate, 2) there are no wrong answers, 3) have fun.

Want help with the design and implementation for your brand too? We’re here to help.

If you want to pursue next steps – whether that’s an identity + brand guidelines, a website, or other marketing materials or social assets – we can create the elements of your project. If we don’t know the answer, chances are we know someone who does.

The Brand Wake Up is energizing and nutrient-dense. Afterwards, you’ll feel alive, confident and ready-to-act, like these clients:

Is a Brand Wake Up right for you?

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Schedule your free 30-minute Brand Coaching Call to answer your questions and get expert advice to help you energize your brand.