Brand Strategy

Name Development

Identity (logo) Development

Website Design (UI)

Marketing/Communication Design 

Vehicle Graphic Design

Property Matters

Case Study

Naming and creating a distinct brand for a new home repair and maintenance business located in Vermont.

When George Berube decided it was time to start his own business helping home owners clean, maintain, and repair their Vermont homes, he knew attracting customers as soon as possible would be extremely important. In order to accomplish this, he needed to differentiate his business from this competition and establish a brand for this new company. A brand that would make a great first impression with potential customers and separate his business from his competitors.

Brand Strategy

Name and Tagline Development

As any new business owner knows, naming your company is not an easy step. It’s fraught with doubt, uncertainty, and research, lots of research. 

Through the Brand Wake Up, George’s target audience was identified, second home owners. The name needed to speak directly to vacation home owners who needed a trustworthy, home maintenance and repair person who could help them with the many tasks that come with owning a home (or two). 

George ultimately chose the name that embodied his vision, Property Matters. Following a similar process, we developed a tagline to further define what Property Matters does for its’ customers, We Do Your Homework.

Brand Identity Design

Identity (logo) Development

The first impression potential customers have of your business is usually your identity (logo). After all, it’s the “face” of your business. We set out to create a practical identity to communicate the services and the level of professionalism customers will appreciate. Having a good understanding of his ideal customer and the services they need most help shape the identity.

The primary color palette reflects the sky, sun, grass and passion while adding energy to the identity and brand. All these elements help make it crystal clear to the target audience compared to the competition.

Business Card and Letterhead Design

With the new identity finalized, the brand starts to take shape. We focused on creating the essential materials for Property Matters to start getting to work: business card; letterhead; and website. 

Website Design

Property Matters Website Design
Informative for Customers

The Property Matters website is designed to be simple, easy to understand, and memorable compared to the competition. 


Postcard Marketing Design

Postcards were created to generate awareness. Direct mail may not be for every business, but we knew it was the best way to reach the intended audience. The postcards established Property Matters in the geographic area and included an incentive for first time customers. It was a hit! George started scheduling new customers within the first month of operation. 

Property Matters Utility Van Graphics

Vehicle Brand Graphics

The success of Property Matters allowed George to invest in a new utility van to carry the necessary tools to service customers. It was also an opportunity to use the vehicle as a “mobile” marketing and advertising tool to inform the service area about the company and what they do. Simple graphics allow for quick identification of the company, what they do, and where they can find out more information. It conveys a level of professionalism that rises above competitors. 

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