Brand Collateral

Email Marketing

Digital Advertising


Case Study

Creating a flexible system for the look and feel (brand face) of sales and membership outreach materials to deliver a consistent customer experience.

IDOC is an alliance of independent optometrists providing guidance, knowledge sharing, and vendor savings programs to give eye care professionals a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It provides advanced practice management tools, advice, and support systems with expert consulting, vendor discounts, and peer to peer networking to help grow their business.

Brand Collateral Design

Designed for Optometrists

A visual style was developed that was clean and inviting to the target audience (optometrists) utilizing brand colors to highlight and convey often complex information. A simple folder was also created to deliver materials to perspective members at trade shows, in person visits, and mail.

Email Marketing

Supporting Members

Following the new brand face, an email template was created to deliver information, upcoming events, and special savings incentives to prospective and current members. The template made it easy for IDOC to update and continue their email marketing cost effectively.

Digital Advertising

Attracting the Target Audience

Created for use at specific websites and trade shows to attract their target audience. This allows IDOC to gain awareness in the marketplace and showcase the benefits to independent eye care professionals.

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