Brand Strategy

Name Development

Identity (logo) Development

Website Design (UI)

Marketing/Communication Design

Aspirant Health

Case Study

Embracing a new collaborative health model integrating behavioral and physical health into a brand that serves the whole person (mind + body).

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five Americans experience a mental illness or disorder in a given year. When left untreated, mental health illnesses are more likely to lead to hospitalization and/or an increase in chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, epilepsy, and cancer. The cost savings of physical-behavioral health integration has enormous potential on the health and wellness of individuals and decrease the nation’s overall healthcare costs. But, widespread integration of physical and behavioral health has been extremely slow. 

Brand Strategy

Consumer Avatars

Understanding the demographics and needs of consumers is key to success. Consumer avatars give clarity and an understanding of the market’s needs, wishes, and areas were the competition is lacking. These insights identify how the brand can differentiate from competitors and create unique opportunities to meet the needs of today’s marketplace.

Defining the Brand & Naming

The attributes, or characteristics, define the language for the brand, assist in creating a mission statement, and inform the creative direction for the brand identity and marketing materials.

Through facilitated work sessions, we defined the brand attributes that speak to the bold, integrative approach this organization will be providing the marketplace. The brand attributes also provide the language to identify their mission statement: 

Aspirant Health provides integrated health care services to idealistic patients in a caring and authentic environment while helping them feel nurtured and optimistic about their mental and physical health.

Using the brand attributes and much research, the word aspirant was chosen for the name of the organization. The definition of aspirant speaks to one that seeks or desires advancement and yearn for something important or of value. It fits the higher purpose this brand is striving to achieve.

Brand Identity Design 

Identity (logo) Development

A tremendous amount of information from the Brand Wake Up informed the conceptual phase of the identity (logo) creation. One word distinguishes Aspirant Health in the marketplace, integration. It is the seamless integration of physical and behavioral health to address the whole person that was the starting point to create the identity.

The symbol of the cross, an international icon for care, defines the overall shape and is made up of four elements. Each of these elements points inwards, working together to create an intersection in the negative space, re-emphasizing the integration of physical and mental health coming together.

Two overlapping shapes comprise element, representing physical and behavioral health coming together and working as one. The combined shape loosely resembles a heart, conveying the caring aspect this organization strives to achieve for every patient.

To bring the mark to life, cool and warm colors were chosen based on their psychological effects on consumer emotions. For instance: blue was chosen to represent trust; purple for calm and soothing; green for new beginnings; and orange for evoking an inviting and friendly feeling. Typography, mirroring the subtle radiuses in the mark, bring a clean, modern, and approachable identity to represent the Aspirant Health brand in the marketplace.

Brand Stylescape

The brand stylescape provides clients with how the brand will look and “feel” to the world (or marketplace)

The insights from the Brand Wake Up collectively inform the direction (visual language) of the brand. It’s built on a solid foundation of language and beliefs, unique to only your company. And, it’s the blueprint for how your brand will maintain your image across all of your communications (on and off-line).

Website Design

Designed for the Consumer

The visual language from the approved stylescape is applied to the creation of their website and to enhance the user experience (consumer). The design focuses on simplicity and ease of use while incorporating messaging, marketing goals, being mobile friendly, and complying with ADA regulations.

Brand Communication Design

Expanding the Brand

Insights from the Brand Wake Up provided Aspirant Health with the ideal marketing channels to start their awareness campaign and introduce the brand to their community.

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