We’re a branding and design studio who specialize in finding your brand’s mojo – helping you rise and shine.

At Brand Mojo, we help you attract your ideal customers in a way that nobody else can – because they’re not you. It all starts with a Brand Wake Up, which provides deep clarity, focus, and direction on who you (really) are, what your ideal customers (really) want, and how to connect the two. This serves as the foundation for everything your company needs to communicate with the world, which we can also help create: logo and branding design, web design, marketing materials, social media marketing, and more.

Marketing without the right foundation – a strong, authentic brand – is a waste of your money. At Brand Mojo, we want you to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

I’m Mark Terranova, founder of Brand Mojo. My whole philosophy is that you and your team have the answers inside of you; I’m just the guy who connects the dots.

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There’s nothing better than rolling up my sleeves and building a brand – especially for a small business brand that craves reinvigoration. Branding (the process of establishing your company’s image and reputation) provides you with a new level of clarity and perspective to elevate your business.

Over the course of my 25+ year career, I’ve collaborated with senior management of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and non-profit organizations to evolve brands and their communications.

In 2010, I began consulting to partner with business owners, like you, to energize brands owned by passionate people. I believe you and your team already have the insights to build your brand – it’s my proprietary process and guidance that will help you connect the dots! Working together, we’ll uncover those insights and make the important connections to wake up your brand.

I want you to stand out in an authentic, actionable, sustainable way.

I want your business to feel awake, in charge, and ready to tackle the day – everyday.


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