Small Business Owners

Is it time to wake up your brand to attract ideal customers?

Through brand strategy and design, we help you find the mojo to attract your ideal customers in a way that only you can – because you’re you.

Just like a hearty egg breakfast fuels your day – a strong, authentic, mojo-brewed brand will fuel your business.

At Brand Mojo, we crack small to mid-sized businesses open and put them back together with focused clarity to help them market confidently, attract ideal customers, stand out from the competition, and drive more sales.

How do you know if your brand is snoozing?

  • You marketing isn’t sending ideal clients your way.

  • You need to start marketing, but you’re not sure where to start.

  • You’re losing business to competitors who are more visible.

  • Customers don’t see the difference between you and your competition.

  • You’re not attracting your ideal customers.

  • Your website and/or logo look outdated.

Benefits of having your brand wide awake.

  • You have a solid foundation to build your marketing.

  • You are confident about how and where your marketing dollars are invested.

  • You have more visibility in your marketplace.

  • Your messaging speaks directly to your ideal customers.

  • You have a professional image that builds trust with customers, vendors, and employees.

  • You convey a clear advantage over your competition.

Developing your brand is an investment in the future of your business reputation.

How to wake up your brand.

Whether it’s a brand refresh or a new brand, we guide you through our Brand Wake Up process to identify and energize the healthy brand ingredients to clearly communicate who you are for, how you sound to your customers, what you look and feel like, and why customers should believe in your product or service – allowing your business to rise and shine.

The Brand Wake Up focuses on answering three key questions together:

Who are you?
Defining who you are so you can easily communicate it to the world, whether it’s on paper, a screen, or in person.

What do you want to achieve?
Brainstorming and planning the steps that you’ll need to take so you and your team can reach your goals. 

What do your customers need?
Achieving your goals is easier when you know how to communicate with your ideal customers.

Energize your brand and start marketing with confidence:


Schedule Your Brand Wake Up

A robust and easy framework to discover and bring the vision of your company to life.


Create a Plan to Achieve Goals 

The Brand Wake Up lets you identify and define your unique qualities, better understand your customers, and create and prioritize your goals. 


Start Marketing with Confidence

Now, you have a plan to energize your brand to attract your ideal customers and increase sales.

Want to outshine your competition?

Download the How to Outshine Your Competition Workbook (FREE). 

It’s an easy to follow step-by-step guide to find your advantage over competitors and be more memorable in the minds of potential customers.

Is a Brand Wake Up right for you?

Not sure if your brand needs to be energized? Let’s talk. 

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